2nd Living Room Ideas You Want to Consider

Need some 2nd living room ideas? Many homeowners have two living rooms. Usually, the first living room is used as the living room, while the second living room is unused. If you have similar case, don’t let the second living room become a waste of space. We got some ideas you can use as insights.

You can turn your second living room into a library. Particularly, if the second living room position is right in front of the front door. Not only you reclaim the room’s functionality, you also create a place where you can store your family’s books, items which often accumulate and clutter all over the house.

Another good idea is to turn your second living room into a music lounge. Your second living room becomes a place where you and your guests go into to listen and/play music. Sounds fun, isn’t it?

This is perhaps one of the most popular ideas: turning a second living room into a formal dining room. This idea is suitable for homeowners who have large living room space. If you have windows and a fireplace, it becomes even more majestic. If, however, you have a small second living room, you can still turn it into a formal dining room, albeit a smaller one. In fact, you can use it as a cozy, comfortable and intimate sitting room where you read or spend time with your guest.

2nd Living Room Ideas You Want to Consider