3 Best Frameless Glass Shower Doors over Tub Designs for You!

Many people choose to apply the modern bathroom as their bathroom theme. Frameless glass shower doors add the elegant look for your bathroom. Its open design makes it better rather than the traditional shower door with the hard liners destroys the aesthetic because it creates defined space.  Following are 3 frameless glass shower doors over tub designs for you!

  1. 3/8 Inline Frameless Glass Shower Door

If you want to cost less, you can install the 3/8 inline frameless glass shower door for your bathroom! Its 3/8 size allows you to have a better air circulation rather than the full-size glass shower door. With enough air circulation, you can prevent the growth of mold in your shower and tub space. To prevent the water to fall over the dry space, you can lower the shower so the water will fall straight inside the wet area.

  1. Corner Frameless Glass Shower

You can install the corner frameless glass door if you have a small bathroom. when you have a small bathroom, it is important to organize the position of your tub and shower because if you do it wrong, it will make your space looks smaller and limit your shower movement. When you install this corner glass door, you can also add the unique point for your bathroom since it is a rare to install the glass door in the corner of one’s bathroom.

  1. Sliding Frameless Glass Door

Nowadays, there are lots of innovative frameless glass door you can find on the living store! The sliding door will make your bathroom looks elegant. You can install the towel hanger on the patent door so that it will not disturb the movement of the sliding door. When you decide to install this door, make sure that you have enough space because it will be bad looking if you have a small bathroom space.

The installation of frameless glass shower doors over tub can become your way to transform the appearance of your bathroom into the modern one! Which one will you install?

3 Best Frameless Glass Shower Doors over Tub Designs for You!