3 Best Way to Attach Table Legs. Do it yourself!

Does your furnishings don’t have legs so that it is difficult to reorganize it? Ever thought that you want to buy furnishings just because it has no legs? Stop it! You can install the legs by yourself! Here are 3 best way to attach table legs!

  1. Safety First

Before starting to attach the table legs on your furnishings, make sure that you are already prepared the stuff to protect yourself when you are in the making process. It is a must for you to wear gloves, eyes protection, and mask. Don’t underestimate this stuff because it can save your life! You don’t know what might happen to you when you attach the table legs. It is better to prevent the bad things rather than to treat it.

  1. Prepare the Tools

The tools you need to prepare before start to attach the table legs are: The Furniture Legs, T- Nuts, Hammer, Measuring Tape, Drill and Drill Bit

  1. Make the Center Point of the Legs & Drill Holes

As the starting point, make sure that you already make the center point where you want to attach the table legs. Then, drill the hole with the same depth as your screw you want to attach. Hammer the T– nuts until it gripped deep inside the wood and it totally attaches to the surface.

  1. Install the Table Legs

After you already install the T– nuts on the location where you want to put the table legs, now you can install the table legs by screwing. As long as the drill hole is perfectly fit to the T– nut and screwed together, it will hold your furniture legs for a long period.

After reading the 4 steps above, you can attach your table legs easily anytime and without the help of someone else! Don’t forget to wear protection, SAFETY FIRST!

3 Best Way to Attach Table Legs. Do it yourself!