3 Tips How to Clean inside of a Toilet Tank

Most homeowners do not get the idea of clean inside of a toilet tank, but it is also important. They tend to think thatclean inside of a toilet tankdoes not need to be done regularly. In fact, toilet tanks will contain germs and dirt if not cleaned regularly. At least, you need to clean the toilet tank 2 times a year minimum. Here are some tips to make it easier to clean inside of a toilet tank

  • Drain the water from the tank and disinfect the tank

Find a valve at the bottom of the toilet near the back wall. If you see that, turn the valve to shut off the water. And, flush the toilet until the tank fully drains out. Do the flush twice to make sure it is completely drained. After it drains out, disinfect the tank to vanish germs and bacteria by spraying disinfectant like Chlorine inside the tank. Let it sit for 30 minutes.

  • Remove the heavy bacteria build up

However, at the other case you have slimy yuck inside the tank after it drains out. Thus, just simply pour the chlorine bleach on it. Put it right on the slimy yuck. Make sure it does not touch anything else inside it may liquefy the bacteria. After that, pour one or two gallon of cold water to the tank and flush it to make all the bleach flushed and gone from the tank.

  • Remove built up grime and mineral deposit.

If you have built up grime and mineral deposit, put on the gloves before cleaning them. Remove the grime by using toilet brush from the corners, crevices and along the wall. You may find a hard water deposit case once. It is because of lime, calcium and magnesium contained in the water that causes stain of mineral deposits. If you have it, pour vinegar to the overflow tube top in and inside the tank. Replace a lid and wait at least 12 hours. Scrub up the tank and flush. Eventually, a regular cleaning will keep your toilet tank clean.

3 Tips How to Clean inside of a Toilet Tank