3 Tips on How to Choose Standard Mirror Sizes for Bathrooms

Mirror is the essential thing for bathroom. Bathrooms without mirrors are so unpleasant and it brings the incomplete sensation, especially for women. Mirror is important because we can see at ourselves whether we need a touch-up or not or just only check whether there is little foods stay in your teeth or not. Here, let us discuss 3 tips on how to choose standard mirror sizes for bathrooms!

  1. Do Measure the Vanity Countertop

First, it is important to measure the vanity countertop before you hang it. You need to concern for its size including the shape; the big one or the small one. If you have a big vanity, it will best fit if you place a large mirror for it will ease you to see at yourself wider and to match it with the vanity size.

  1. Place it Near the Window or Other Light

The placement of mirror is important for people are always looking for the mirror while they are washing their face, brushing teeth, and other bathroom activities. Enough light is important to be concerned for you need enough lights to do your daily bathroom activities. Usually, you hang it above your sink, its close location to the window will reduce the growth of mold for it ease to dry the wet areas also.

  1. Strong Mirror Holder

Mirror is not a light stuff. You must pay attention to its holder or it will falling down easily and will danger yourself and your family member. Drill 1 or 2 holes in your wall and place a T-nut to fit inside, and then hang your mirror on it. The strength of your holder depends on how deep you drill the holes. As a double protection, you can use mirror glue to attach the mirror to your wall.

Have you done the 3 steps above? After it had been done, now you can purchase the standard mirror sizes for bathrooms! Don’t forget to apply double protection to better attach the mirror to your bathroom wall!

3 Tips on How to Choose Standard Mirror Sizes for Bathrooms