36 X 30 Mirror for Bathroom – 3 Best for High Quality and Versatile Designs

36 X 30 mirror for bathroom can be a consideration for every homeowner that does not have many empty spaces especially on bathroom walls. Coupled with some attractive and gorgeous frame models, then the bathroom will be more beautiful without having to do a large project of bathroom remodel. Some of these designs are some you might like.

Beveled Plate Glass Mirror Carved Wood Framed by Ashton Wall Decor LLC is priced at $ 281.13 + $ 84.14 for the specific size. A high quality frame is supported also with a beautiful design. Not only suitable for the bathroom, the mirror can also decorate an entry way actually. It can be attached vertically or horizontally. It is a ready-to-hang beveled plate glass mirror.

Plate Glass Mirror Framed Beveled by Ashton Wall Décor LLC is priced at $ 295.05 + $ 65.61 for the size. Still from the same manufacturer, the difference lies in the black textured frame that gives the impression of antique. As a sweetener, the frame has silver beading that is attached to the beveled mirror. It makes the contemporary feel strongly felt to the entire design. That is how it can match to any bathroom setting.

Last but not least from the same manufacturer, there is Rectangle Framed Beveled Plate Glass Mirror. It costs $ 165.99 + $ 93.04. For more masculine effect in the mirror design, use this. It comes with wood and resin composite frame. It can be attached to hang in vertical or horizontal. Combination of high quality frame and grade 1 glass, it produces a great product of wood-like mirror.

36 X 30 Mirror for Bathroom – 3 Best for High Quality and Versatile Designs