4 Easiest and Simplest Steps on How to Make a Table Out Of a Log

To make a table from the log is an easy thing! Besides, it will not cost you much since it is made from logs and you don’t need to purchase it in a furnishing store. All you need to do is to prepare the tools and cut a few pieces off. You can do it yourself and place it whether inside your house or in outside. Here are 4 steps on how to make a table out of a log!

  1. Choose the Best Quality and the Good Shape

You can find a log in the wooden fabric or if not, you can simply go to your neighbor/friend and ask them whether you are allowed to cut off the log or not. After getting the permission from the homeowner to take it, choose the best quality (not too old or too young); get the log with a good shape.

  1. Prepare the Tools

Mask, Safety Glasses, Level, Hammer, Angle Grinder, Palm Sander, Linsed Oil

  1. Do the Steps

After preparing all the tools, (a) you can cut off the good shape of your log. Make sure that you are already known the height and the width of the desired log. (b) Peel the bark from the stump with your hammer, do it gently or you can gouge the wood. (c) Use your angle grinder to soften the top surface of the wood. (d) Use palm sander to give the wood a smoother finish. You can also use the palm sander to smoothen the edge of the wood.

  1. Finishing

Clean all of the wood with a clean cloth to get rid of the sawdust. After completely clean up the entire surface, seal it with a linseed oil if you want to place it indoor. If you want to place the table outside, you can use wooden weatherproof varnish to protect your table in any weather so it can last forever.

Now, you have a new natural table made by yourself! Don’t you feel proud after making the table from the logs by your own hands?

4 Easiest and Simplest Steps on How to Make a Table Out Of a Log