6 Foot Outdoor Bench Cushions Designs. Go get yours!

The 6 foot outdoor bench cushion dimensions usually start from 70 up to 72 inch length with approximately 6cm thick. By using the 6 foot outdoor cushion, you can have long afternoon spent on your garden more comfortably with its big size. Its long size let you to gather with more people that it will make the atmosphere grows cheerfully.

6 Foot Custom Outdoor Bench Cushion

  1. Dark Leather Bench Cushion

The leather fabric of bench cushion lets you to have a long lasting cushion. It is proof that it has a high protection from any weather. You don’t need to worry if the sun light will destroy this fabric because it has the best protection from the sun ray. How to treat it is also easy, you just need to mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Then, you just need a dry gentle cloth to wipe on it.

  1. Traditional Bench Cushion

The using of traditional bench cushion will make your bench looks more interesting. You can choose whatever traditional motives offers by the fabric company and make your dreams to come true! Now you can feel the humility sensation while sitting on it. The traditional motive will also beautify your photo session on your garden!

  1. Greendale Bench Cushion

The Greendale bench cushion will absolutely heal pain while you sitting on it. Its thick and comfortable cushion allows you to sit at the most comfortable cushion. Commonly, this Greendale cushion comes with 4 string ties on each corner to strengthen it with your bench.  You can have different experience while you have this outdoor seating style!

You can choose one of the 3 designs to be intalled as your 6 foot outdoor bench cushion. Don’t forget to always treat them right to have a like new look for your bench cushion!

6 Foot Outdoor Bench Cushions Designs. Go get yours!