62 Inch Bench Cushion You Want to Check Out

Looking for 62 inch bench cushion?  A long bench cushion will be a good addition for your outdoor patio furniture. With the right colors and patterns, you can create an atmosphere of your liking. Below are two examples of bench cushion you’d want to check out.

Crate and Barrel’s Natural Bench Cushion

Our first example is the Crate and Barrel’s Natural 62 inch bench cushion. Made with cotton and linen, this cushion adds comfort to your outdoor seating. The cushion is comprised of inner cushy fiber foam covered with natural linen-blend. There are tie attachments which you can use to tie the cushion and the bench. There is also zipper closure, allowing easy removal. This bench cushion fits well with Crate and Barrel’s Basque bench.

Blazing Needles’ Outdoor Polyester Bench Cushion

Next is Outdoor Polyester Bench cushion by Blazing Needles. With this cushion, you don’t need to worry about the weather. After all, it is made with polyester and UV resistant materials, making it not only comfortable but also durable. As with the first example, it has tie attachments. You can attach it to your bench with ease.

Since there are a lot of options to choose from, you will find bench cushion that accentuate your patio style. Buying a set of bench and cushion from the same manufacturer can be a good idea. That said it is up to you to choose which bench cushion you should by. Perhaps you have different priority, say, and weather resistant, comfortable cushion.  What do you think? What kind of bench cushion you want for your outdoor seating?

62 Inch Bench Cushion You Want to Check Out