A DIY to Make Clear Acrylic Table Top Protector in Short Steps

Clear acrylic table top protector is useful to protect the wood surface that is easily scratch and stained. To cover damage and to be durable, people usually use table clothes to cover the defects in the furniture whether it is in the living room, dining room, kitchen to bedroom. Some people may think it is simple to use a glass table.

Although glass table is popular and commonly found in many houses, glass tables also tend to be expensive and breakable. That is why acrylic can be another option to simply protect wooden furniture’s. It can be made by using standard household tools and will be the best protector. It can be suited to any table at home. First, measure the surface of the table correctly and accurately.

Get an acrylic sheet with a dimension larger in few centimeters compared to the intended surface both in width and height. After that, make a boarder cut of masking tape by drawing an outline of table’s dimension on it but do not put the marks to the acrylic directly. Use the hack to cut around the outline and reserve couple of millimeters for extra space. It is used for sand the acrylic and smooth’s the edges. Jig or band saw is also preferable.

Puree the edges using 3 sandpapers in variety of grades ranging from the roughest. Then, move the one with very fine texture. Smooth the edge to get the best finish. To add a visual level, consider also polished edges.

A DIY to Make Clear Acrylic Table Top Protector in Short Steps