ADA Toilet Height 19 Inches – An Ideal Height for a More Comfortable Toilet Height

A high comfort toilet and high ADA toilet are defined as those that have a seat height of 17 “-19” measured from the ground to the top. At the past ADA toilet height 19 inches exist, but in recent times we are unaware of the model. This is to meet demanding specifications. We have outlined the options below and succeeded in order according to the height of the seats whose solution will prevail, starting with the option of sitting toilet height of nearly 19 “and ending with a solution that allows a seat height of 28” or more.

  • Tresham

Tresham one-piece toilet has an ideal height which is 19″ which is comfortable for users. The toilet is designed with elegant accent that offers an eclectic and classic American style. This toilet is ready with variety styles from classic to modern. You can purchase this toilet with $ 931.75.

  • Memoirs

This toilet is using single-flush gravity and a precision-engineered tank, bowl and trap way to create a strong siphon flushing. The design is inspired by a classic and chic architecture with water saving functionality. The toilet includes seat, positioned at chair height fits your comfort and easy-cleaning. It costs $1,250.5 per item.

  • San Souci

This $ 848 San Souci toilet is using an innovative Aqua Piston technology. It is a patented flush engine, allowing a faster and stronger plug-free flush. Just put your hand over the tank and hold it, then the censor will activate the flush automatically. Thus, this makes a more hygiene innovation with no touch technology since it causes lesser germs left behind.

ADA Toilet Height 19 Inches – An Ideal Height for a More Comfortable Toilet Height