Allergic Reaction to Toilet Paper in Causes, Treatment, and Healthy Tips

Allergic reaction to toilet paper – Toilet paper is always be there in the bathroom either at home, office, or public facilities. Many people are also not so concerned about the thing because they use it every day. Being a commonly used object, there is nothing special though. However, when it comes to allergic reaction, surely people will turn around and understand the dangers that they did not realize before.

Some people may be surprised if skin irritation is caused by toilet paper. As people know, toilet paper is generally made from recycled papers such as magazine, old newspaper, or virgin wood fibers. It is usually coupled with bleaching to make it look clean and white. Although the bleaching agent is safe to use, it does not guaranteed if the used papers contain a variety of heavy metals such as lead, chromium, mercury, cadmium, and carcinogenic arsenic that causes cancer.

Many tissues contain formaldehyde and some reactive ingredients to add thickness and absorption. Furthermore, the toilet paper may also contain lotion, chlorine, perfumes, dyes, anti-bacterial properties, and alcohol. All of those additive ingredients that cause skin irritation including itching in anus and vulva. Once happened, get a treatment with topical steroids that will reduce the effects of irritation.

In addition, do not use anymore the toilet tissue that causes irritation. Use toilet paper from other brands, especially with unscented and grayish look. Thin textures and low prices are also likely to contain fewer additives. Use also tissue that is made of 100% pure wood fiber so it is safe and there is no heavy metal content.

Allergic Reaction to Toilet Paper in Causes, Treatment, and Healthy Tips