Average Cost of New Kitchen Cabinets with Short Guide to Set a Budget

Average cost of new kitchen cabinets – Everyone needs to be prepared about the costs which are required if they want to decorate the kitchen complete with a new kitchen cabinet. Each person must have their own dream kitchen but it would be better to plan a budget before starting the hunt. When the dream kitchen does not match to the budget, and then look for alternative design as a backup without reducing the beauty of cabinet.

The price of the cabinet itself can vary depending on the quality, materials, brand, and others. However, please note that installing new cabinet will be more expensive than refacing and refinishing. The average price can reach $ 4,000. Beside the cost of new cabinet, the installation cost should also be included in the expense list.

If necessary, the homeowners usually need to remove their old cabinet where it will require professionals. The cost for cabinet removal is about $ 300. However, this will depend also on the size and weight of the cabinet. Larger size of the cabinet will raise the number absolutely. In addition, the choice for stock or custom cabinet also affects the cost. Most people tend to prefer stock or ready-made one.

Of course, it is cheaper compared to custom cabinet and available in various design and price according to each preference. For custom cabinet enthusiasts, a single one as in traditional kitchen is priced around $ 800 depending on material, labor, and possibly difficulty level. Be sure to know the number of cabinets which are required. Measure the linear feet and multiply the number by $ 300 for custom cabinet.

Average Cost of New Kitchen Cabinets with Short Guide to Set a Budget