Baby Tray for Tablet Top You Should Check Out

Do you want to know an easier way to clean your table? Consider buying a tray. Having a baby tray for table top will make it a lot easier for you to clean your table after feeding your baby. If you don’t know where to start, here we have to examples of baby tray for table top you should check out.

Stainless Steel Divided Tray by ECO lunchbox

Our first example is a tray made of stainless steel. This stainless steel tray is not only durable, but also safe to use. It is BPA-free, plastic-free and lead-free. Not to mention it is also dishwasher safe as well. This tray can hold one main dish and two side dishes. It doesn’t retain residues, stains or odors.

Green Tidy Table Tray by Bambinos

Moving on, next is a green two-part tray by Bambinos. This tray can be clipped easily to tables with 2 inches or less rim and can be removed as easily. This tray is BPA-free and is safe to use. It has interactive spots for spoons, forks and cups. When meal time is over, the base tray can be used as play time platform.

Both these trays protect your table and floor. Moreover, both are easy to clean as well. If you want to have a tray that can serve dual purpose (meal and play time), you may want to get the latter tray. If you want to have a tray that is very easy to clean, consider the former.

Baby Tray for Tablet Top You Should Check Out