Bar Stool Dimensions Standard for Kitchen: How to Choose the Right One

When you want to save some space by merging your kitchen and your dining table there is nothing better than buying a bar stool for your kitchen. Bar stools are types of chair that are very slim as well as high that people usually sit on in a bar. Incorporating bar stools into your kitchen is a great way to save up space. Before you buy one, you need to know the exact bar stool dimensions standard for kitchen and how to choose the right bar stool.

There basically 4 types of height for bar stools: short, counter, bar, and tall. The short one is ideal for dining chairs with surface height of 28-30 inches and seat height of 16-23 inches. The counter one is for kitchen islands with surface height of 35-39 inches and seat height of 24-27 inches. The bar is the one you will likely find in a restaurant with surface height of 42-43 inches and seat height of 28-33 inches. The tall is suitable for high surface with surface height 44-47 inches and seat height of 3440 inches.

Besides height, another dimension that you need to consider is the distance between stools as well as the legroom between the stools and your kitchen countertop. The trick to get the appropriate distance between stools is by measuring 26-30 inches from the center one stool to another. As for the legroom, you can simply leave 9-12 inches from the bottom of your kitchen counters.

So, before you decide on buying your bar stools for your kitchen area, there are some measurements that you need to do first. They are the height of the stools, the distance between stools, as well as the legroom. Make sure you make an exact measurement for your own comfort.

Bar Stool Dimensions Standard for Kitchen: How to Choose the Right One