Beautiful Narrow Console Table 12 Inches Deep and Where to Use It

Find a perfect spot for our console table 12 inches deep, known for its narrow design. Fortunately, this isn’t a difficult task to accomplish. A narrow console table can fit truly well just about everywhere, be it to fill up the empty hallway, complement the sofa in living room, or display the accessories or collections in a room.

In fact, a narrow console table 12 inches deep makes a wonderful piece to accent your living room. Use its surface to display decorations, such as framed pictures or potted plants. Even better, you can build your own console table as a DIY project, considering how a simple design can still work really well.

In a spacious living room set in an open floor plan, your console table 12 inches deep can also create a border to mark the area visually without breaking the spacious feel and look. Usually, placing the table behind the living room sofa is a common practice. You can also do the same trick to avoid the sofa from being pushed to the wall.

There are various design possibilities for narrow console tables; in fact, the sky is your limit when it comes to the design style! Starting from modern to contemporary, traditional to vintage, you can always find a piece that will seamlessly blend with your room’s design style.

Beautiful Narrow Console Table 12 Inches Deep and Where to Use It