Bed Frames That Sit On Floor Options to Spacious Room

Bed frames that sit on the floor are associated with low beds. It is commonly introduced by Japanese traditional design. However, they start to come with a new modern design. There will be particular advantages of having low beds. For example, make it easier for you to do light exercises like stretching. In addition, when it is hot weather, low beds help make cool temperatures. Here are some examples of bed frames that sit on floor on the market.

  • Wanda Platform Bed – $223.99

This low bed has a contemporary style and is very flexible. This bed has a perfect balance and a homely platform makes a strong foundation for each ensemble. Low bed set up some storage drawers below.  This low bed has metal roller glides for smooth opening and can accommodate standard mattresses.

  • Morphis Upholstered Storage Platform Bed – $334.99

This low bed is an efficient and functional storage addition. With an interior storage base, this low bed is a must-have in your home. Contemporary designs make low beds worth the resort with a blend of comfortable linen and pillows. Carpet roll outs make your room with low bed is well matched in appearance.

  • Lexington Platform Bed – $156.99

Lexington bed has a size of 9.75 “high x 77.25” wide x 58 “deep for full size. Available colors are black. This bed is made with wood base material with laminated particle board. This product can be cleaned by dry cloth and clean.

Bed Frames That Sit On Floor Options to Spacious Room