Best Ideas for Bathroom Redos on the Cheap

Bathroom redos on the cheap means remodeling your bathroom on your budget, especially in the lower cost. The average cost to redo your bathroom is approximately $ 10,500 to $ 26,000. This is pretty high cost to spend, isn’t this? However, you can spend only $ 1,000 – $ 3,000 to redo your bathroom by doing it yourself. You enable and making a lightly creative and innovative work. Thus, how to make bathroom redos on the cheap cost? It starts with your option what to do to the tile, countertops, paint, and buying other necessities.

  • Limit the number of tiles and save on countertops

Limit the amount of tile to save money because tile is expensive. Consequently, focus on the tile in the high impact area of the floor. Besides, you may tile it horizontally along the wall. After that, you must save on countertops by focusing on the wider swath color. Avoid the neutral colors, such as tan, brown or light beige. They are the way more popular and a lot more expensive.

  • Paint and update fixture

Repainting is the best option for a cheapest living style, as well as perfect to create a brand new look. Besides repainting, you can update light fixture, sink faucet, towel racks for a small investment. Those are may not be that influential, but it could be the best choice for a new bathroom look.

  • Redo and buy second-hand/used stuffs

Replacing will be much more expensive. Redoing tub using professional reline can cost lesser. But, do not try this to the sink and shower because refinish it will be expensive. Besides, when you want to purchase new door, mirror, or window, try to buy the used ones. They can be easily found in many online and offline shops.

Best Ideas for Bathroom Redos on the Cheap