Build Your Own Music Studio Desk DIY for the Best Music Studio

Build your own music studio desk can save your money and support your cheap living cost attempt. If you decide you buy a recording studio desk, it may be less complicated but cost more. The common recording desk cost from $2000 per unit desk. However, if you are willing to make your own DIY it may only cost $300 or less at average. Thus, there must be a few preparations before doing your DIY music studio desk.

  • Materials and Quality

First of all, you need saw to cut the sheet, a level, square P lines,pine,¾” oak plywood, and two-by-sixes. Finish the oak plywood, cut the table into two, and two-by-sixes to do the structure of it. This cut out table is for work the monitors and the computers.  Using two-by-sixes and plywood aims at gaining a great quality of desk appearance with a low cost. Besides, pine is known as sturdy and strong material in less expensive cost. The quality of all the materials is a lot better than the more expensive materials. The expensive ones will not guarantee you a durable and long-term product.

  • Design

You must plan the whole design of your desk adjusted to the purpose. Cabinets are unnecessary to make, only shelf. Do not forget to concern about the size and dimensions of the table, as well. The ideal dimension will help you to locate the recording equipment adequately. Define the dimensions based on the size of your room corner.

  • Shelf

Your desk must need an upper shelf and desktop to locate your studio monitors and computer monitors. This is important to place your studio monitor properly to support the best audio produced. Place the speaker at the same level of ears. The music studio desk is designed accommodate all the studio equipment efficiently.

Build Your Own Music Studio Desk DIY for the Best Music Studio