Butcher Block for Best Affordable Kitchen Countertops

What are the best affordable kitchen countertops? As the price of kitchen countertops has become so much pricey, people start to find any other alternative that could give them both the look and the price. It is not easy to find the best affordable kitchen countertops which can still give you the best appearance. However, we managed to do that!

Our best recommendation to replace your marble kitchen countertops it butcher block. Few people think of this material as something that you would want to use so often for a kitchen countertop but we think differently. We believe that butcher block can manage to give the chic, casual and minimized impression for your most favored kitchen.

However, butcher block has its own weaknesses. Most people complain that it is too easy for them to stain and they are not always heat resistant. You will have to become so much more careful in cooking to make sure that you would not leave any stain on your butcher block kitchen countertops. However, you can avoid this by doing a regular oiling.

Despite their weaknesses, butcher blocks come with so many advantages –most favored: lower price. The price of butcher block is super low and it might be the best time for you to get something so cheap yet so fascinating for your kitchen. Now, what do you think would be the best affordable kitchen countertops aside from the butcher block?

Butcher Block for Best Affordable Kitchen Countertops