Cat Themed Bedroom Ideas – No Childish Look, Yes for Impressive and Cool Style

Cat themed bedroom ideas would be a dream for cat lovers. Having a thematic room like cat is often imagined as something childish. However, with a little imagination and creativity, everyone can make it happen in an impressive and cool style. First, good taste is needed. Something in cat-themed does not have to fill all corners of the room.

Just use some of your favorite cushion items and cat picture in frames. Mix with mono scheme like two tone of gray, black, and white. It is enough to create a kind of soothing bedroom by using soft gray for walls and carpet. Make it lighter with white linen, headboard, nightstand, up to cabinet. To stay in balanced, give black shades in the frame color and some other cushions.

Another idea also comes from the eclectic bedroom. If you want something more unique than contemporary decor before, then give a rich pattern by adding details of the furry friend like handmade car garland that hung on canopy bed frame. The cat theme is alive by adding some furry carpet similar to cat fur. Decor like one corner dedicated to display some collections related to cats is also a nice try.

Place the cabinet or dresser then followed by small bulletin board on the wall. Adjust the color scheme in the bedroom then select some cat-themed collections ranging from dolls, mug, to photo album containing cat pictures. It is claimed that the rooms will not look monotonous and boring. Essentially, to avoid a bedroom that looks like ten year olds, the selection of cat characters is also worth to consider. Avoid pictures that look like animation and choose a real design instead.

Cat Themed Bedroom Ideas – No Childish Look, Yes for Impressive and Cool Style