Chair Mat for Carpet Floors Ideal to Protect Safely Your Carpet Floors from Tear

We cannot generalize all the chair mats fit for carpet floors. There will be distinctions to separate chair mat for hard wood floors and chair mat for carpet floors. It is because the hard wood floors and other hard floors have the more slippery surfaces. Thus, they need mat type that can prevent from spills and can protect the finish of the floor surfaces. Meanwhile, chair mat for carpet floors require the type of material like vinyl that can protect the carpet from tear and wear. Hereby several chair mat products that popular for carpet floors.

  • ES Robbins Chair Mat for Flat/Low Pile Carpet, 36″ x 48″ w/Lip

This mat is perfect to prevent wear and tear. The material used is vinyl that has 48” length and 36” width. This is worth to protect the flat to low pile carpets up to a quarter inch thickness. The carpet feels very smooth, gentle and convenient to use. Above of all, it is so much ideal for whether home and office use.

  • USCHW48518

This mat is built from PVC material which is optimal to protect your carpet from wear and tear. This mat helps the chair from rolling around uncontrollably. The color is clear or transparent which is very minimalist and classy.  The dimension is 48 inches x 36 inches with 2 mm thickness.

  • Office Marshal Eco Office Chair Mat – 30″ x 48″

It is made perfectly in thick and sturdy material using polypropylene. This polypropylene is not easy to broken and cracking since it uses a premium class material. The texture makes you easy to move and roll on the carpet surface without tearing the carpet. This mat is friendly and ideal for indoor use, such as office use.

Chair Mat for Carpet Floors Ideal to Protect Safely Your Carpet Floors from Tear