Class B RV with Bunk Beds Partners for Unstoppable Adventure at Homey Feels

RV comes with different classes; A, C, and B. The B class is actually a tiny house and the smallest one than other 2 classes. It is larger than a VW bus, but not bigger than a typical motor home. In order to space saving, this class B RV with bunk beds can be an option. The eminence of this class B is their better maneuverability. Besides, you can park this class B in a usual driveway.

The class B is able to have 2 until 3 people sleep. After all, the class B is versatile since the driver and passenger seats can swivel. The dining area can turn into a bed; a small kitchen can have a microwave, stove, oven, and refrigerator. There are also closet space and toilet with head shower included. There are 2 big motor home companies with each different price of this class B RV.

  • Paseo

The first class B RV was created by Winnebago® Paseo™. The constructed design features a sharp side, and a spacious interior with fuel efficient and efficient. This class B RV supports a relaxed lifestyle by maximizing the savings of existing space. The class B RV from this company sold for $ 127,535.

  • Travator

Travator offers class B RV that is energy efficient and durable with prices starting at $ 102,348. This RV supports the owner’s character that is deeply in love with the unlimited outdoor adventure. It is provided with 2 flexible floor plans and great high-end features. You can enjoy the hot shower, work table and LED lights there.

Class B RV with Bunk Beds Partners for Unstoppable Adventure at Homey Feels