Concrete Table and Benches Price Ranges

When you decide on having your yard decorated, a concrete table and concrete bench are a good choice for you to have. They are considered very aesthetically traditional dated back to the Romans. They are also very durable and easy to clean. So, before buying them, you need to know first what is the concrete table and benches price ranges to suit your own budgetary?

Concrete table is a piece of stylish, long-lasting, and easy to maintain outdoor furniture. It is particularly well for Sunbelt and seaside climates. It is constructed form solid, steel-reinforced concrete and colored with inorganic pigments. It is also protected with an acrylic sealer. The price usually ranges from $870 to $2200.

Concrete bench is durable as well as traditional outdoor site furnishing. It is beautifully suited for shopping center, schools, parks, office complexes, and many other commercial facilities. It is a piece of furniture that will obviously grab people’s attention. The price usually ranges from $370 to $1200.

Concrete tables are generally much pricier than the benches. Using only one of them to decorate your outdoor spaces is also a good option to save up some cash. Either way, seeing from the wide price range, it is important for you to choose wisely for factors that influence the prices like the quality and then make your choice to get ones.

Concrete Table and Benches Price Ranges