Cost of Sliding Glass Door Installation Method: DIY or Contractors?

Sliding glass doors or people usually call the sliding patio doors are installed in so many homes these days. The western looking sliding glass doors are a type of architectural luxury that is made of glass which allows the passage of natural daylight to your home. You can install your own sliding glass door or hire contractors to do it. So, what is the cost of sliding glass door installation method, DIY or contractors?

Installation of a new sliding glass door usually requires a permit and a contractor. People usually choose to hire a contractor for the reason that the installation of a new sliding glass door requires the alterations of the exterior wall structure of your home. So, if it is done in the wrong way, it can affect the structural integrity of your house. Hiring a licensed contractor will cost you about $300.

If you want to save up some money, you can also do the installation of the sliding glass door DIY aka the do it yourself style. You will need to prepare your own delivery truck or pay for a delivery service that will cost you less than $300. Nonetheless, you will still need an extra set of hand to help do the job.

In conclusion, whether you want it to be safe for your house by hiring a contractor or do it on your own to cost less money, it is all your choice to make. The average cost of installing a sliding glass door is generally around $1,000-$2,600.

Cost of Sliding Glass Door Installation Method: DIY or Contractors?