Cost to Felt a Pool Table?

Majority of people who have pool table knows the term of refelting. It is a term that is described when the covering linen of the table is replaced with a new one. The reasons can be because the linen has already worn out or simply because the owners just want to change the colors. Either way, there is a cost to felt a pool table, what is the cost to felt a pool table in general?

When you decide on using standard agency service or a company, the cost is usually around $325. This includes the billiard cloth and staple removal, leveling, seam waxing, and installation. If the moving, full breakdown and reinstallation, as well as the transportation are included, the cost can be up to $495. For rail replacement, it usually ranges from $350 to $450.

For home industries, the cost is usually less pricey. The charges are usually $280 which includes the moving cost. Home industries usually also offer rail cushioning during the refelting service that cost only for $180.

Whether you decide on hiring an agency or a home industry, a good maintenance of pool table felt is needed to save up your cost some more. There are 2 simple ways you can do this, always keep your drinks off the table and keep it regularly covered when it’s not used.

Cost to Felt a Pool Table?