Custom Glass Shower Doors Cost for a Great Appearance Bathroom

Glass shower doors are the compelling additions for a more attractive bathroom. These doors allow more lighting come to your bathroom. The best way to know custom glass shower doors cost is by consulting to a professional. This is because to define the exact cost is pretty difficult. However, we are going to help by giving a brief description about the cost.

There will be a few factors that determine how much the cost for custom glass shower doors. For example, what kind tempered glass that use. It can be flat tempered and bending or curved tempered. Furthermore, for the cost of those types of tempered glasses, it depends on the dimensions.

  • Flat Tempered Glass

If the thickness includes 10 mm – 12 mm, the cost can be about $35/m2 – $ 40/m2. If the flat tempered glass thickness is above 12 mm to 15 mm, the cost is $279.56/m2. The thickest one used commonly up to 19 mm which needs $321.5/m2. In another hand, when you choose bending/curved tempered glass, it may cost a more expensive than the flat glass.

  • Bending or Curved Tempered Glass

For 5 mm – 6 mm thickness of curved tempered glass reach $50.68/m2 to $ 53.37/m2. It needs $ 64.51/m2 for 8 mm thickness. After that, for 10 mm – 12 mm curved glass, it requires until $75.65 to $ 86.34. Remember, that is all the cost only for the tempered glass. Homeowners commonly spend $555 – $1.286 for whole installation as reported.

Custom Glass Shower Doors Cost for a Great Appearance Bathroom