Decorating Your House with 80 Inch Door Panel Curtains

Want to add elegant touch in your house? Consider 80 inch door panel curtains. There are many styles and shapes of door panel curtains, from polyester curtains to bamboo ones. Here, we give you one example of polyester curtain and one of bamboo. Here they are.

Blackout Thermaliner Panel Pair, This 80 inch door panel curtains is made by Eclipse. These panel curtains not only give you elegant vibe, they also provide you with beauty, silence and darkness. That’s right. They are capable to give you light blocking as well as noise reducing features.

Light blocking and noise reducing features are both important. First, you need both to have a good night sleep. And second, they can reduce your cooling and heating bills. In case you are interested, the dimension of the panel curtains is 80 x 60 x 92 inches.

Handmade Bamboo Door, Made by Bamboo54, these window curtains give you eco-friendly alternative. Albeit they don’t give you the same benefits as the first example, they do give you a good option in terms of decoration. After all, these curtains are handmade, made by professional craftsman, giving you a personal touch as well as natural beauty. If you are looking for panel curtains for decoration purpose, these bamboo door curtains is worth checking out. The dimension of this product is 80 x 36 inches.

Decorating Your House with 80 Inch Door Panel Curtains