Diamond Depth and Table Percentage Ideals

When you decide on buying a diamond such as for an engagement ring or an anniversary necklace, there are some things you need to consider. Diamonds are generally measured specifically using certain dimensions called depth and table, diamond depth and table percentage. These dimensions each have its own ideal value. So, what are the diamond depth and table percentage ideals?

Depth is the distance from the upper portion of the diamond to the lowest tip or point of the diamond. Depth in diamond is measured in percentage. To obtain it, you need to divide the diamonds’ physical depth by their width and the ideal percentage for diamond’s depth is between 59.5 and 62.9.

Table is the largest facet found on the upper portion or the top surface of any diamonds. It is called table because of its flat surface like the table. It is also measured in percentage by dividing the width of the table by the overall width of the diamond. The most ideal table percentages are between the range of 60 to 54 percent.

As you shop for your perfect diamonds, make sure that you really ask the jewelry expert to confirm the diamond depth and table percentage ideals of the diamond that you are looking for. These dimensions are very essential to find the right diamonds for you.

Diamond Depth and Table Percentage Ideals