Different Standard Height of Toilet Bowl based on Its Users

Toilet is a crucial space in your home. You cannot possibly, not go to the toilet at all in a day. The toilet has become part of your daily ritual. Therefore, the comfort of the toilet in your home is also a priority such as the height of toilet bowl. Then, what is the standard height of the toilet bowl?

  • High standard toilet for tall people

Standard height of toilet bowl for tall people is ranging from 17 inches to 19 inches from the top floor to the bowl toilet bowl. The average tall person is not so comfortable with a common bowl toilet height that ranges from 15 to 16 inches.

  • Standard toilet height for shorter people

Shorter people height is approximately from 4 to 5 feet or less. The standard toilet bowl for them is 16 to 17 inches or less. Higher toilet bowl that does not fit to shorter people is very uncomfortable and soothing. This is because they are not able to put their both feet flat on the floor.

  • Standard toilet height for wheelchair users

If you or your dear person in a wheelchair, you must have imagined how difficult it is to use a common toilet height. If you use a lateral side transfer facility, you should choose the same toilet height as your seat. Or, the standard height of a good toilet bowl for wheelchair user ranges from 28 inches or more.

Different Standard Height of Toilet Bowl based on Its Users