Disposable Toilet Bowl Cleaner Wandvs. Regular Toilet Brush – What can Do Better?

Many dirty items end up in your toilets. Cleaning your toilet is not a fun task. But finding an adequate bathroom cleaner makes it easier to achieve. Here is a product called disposable toilet bowl cleaner wand. It is actually different with toilet brush, even they have similar function. There is one cleaner wand that is considered as the best product that helps you clean your toilet bowl. It is known as Clorox Toilet Wand.

Clorox Toilet Wand is completed with a long handle and spongy hexagon shaped head. One box contains of six toilet wand items. This item is only for disposable use. You can purchase it with $ 7.58. Disposable toilet bowl cleaner wand is effective to clean, disinfect, and eliminate odors in your toilet. It is effective to dismiss 99.9% of germs. Its spongy hexagon shaped head can reach until below the rim.

The difference between toile wand and toilet brush lies on its hygiene. The toilet wand is for disposable use, so it is more hygiene. Meanwhile the toilet brush is less effective, drippy, and having tendency to trap the germs and bacteria. It is because you can store again your toilet brush after you use it. Although, you have clean the toilet brush it still stores germs and bacteria left in it. You have to put a bigger effort to clean toilet brush, but it does not guarantee anything.

Therefore, disposable toilet bowl cleaner wand can do a lot better than the toilet brush. Toilet wand is more effective and efficient to eliminate stains and unpleasant odor in your toilet. You can save your time since the toilet wand is faster than any other toilet brush.

Disposable Toilet Bowl Cleaner Wandvs. Regular Toilet Brush – What can Do Better?