Do Flammable Cabinets Need To Be Grounded?

Do flammable cabinets need to be grounded? Not just about the cabinet but what is stored in it that also need to watch out. How to save flammable liquid does require special attention because the code is clearly visible. It can be dangerous if it is not handled appropriately. Since it is called flammable cabinet, then it becomes the selected container for storing flammable liquids.

Bonding and grounding are then required when dispensing the flammable liquids from storage to smaller electrically conductive containers. This applies also when moving those liquids between conductive storage such as filling dip tanks, mixers, rinse tanks and others. It takes a control regularly to ensure they are safe and in a good condition.

Along with specific storage used to store flammable liquid like gasoline, some materials are also checked to make sure if they are safely stored in a single cabinet. Some flammable liquid storage cabinet has specific grounding screws but some do not need to do grounding like NFPA 30. The manufacturer also provides a grounding screw inside the cabinet to make the users more convenient.

The users may link the screws to a building ground and use the cabinet-mounted ground points as necessary to ground individual cabinets where the liquids are supplied. NFPA recommends any metal parts of the container or metal funnel should be grounded if one is used. Even if it is a low-conductivity, the grounded dip pipe needs to be in liquid about 30 seconds after the filling process has completed.

Do Flammable Cabinets Need To Be Grounded?