Do Inversion Tables Work for Lower Back Pain? Is it Safe for Everyone?

Do inversion tables work for lower back pain? Low back pain is a problem that is often experienced by everyone. Some factors such as poor sitting posture, heavy lifting and others often become the reasons or causes of low back pain. They then usually go to the physical therapist to get the most appropriate treatment to eliminate or reduce the impact. However, have you heard about inversion table?

The inversion table is a padded table that is integrated by a metal frame with hinges. To use the table, the person is strapped on the table. The table would be flipped over slowly. It will help patients by turning gravity so it naturally decompresses the spine like spine traction. In addition, the table is also useful for stretch muscles and ligaments as well as improving circulation.

Furthermore, it will make the users feel more relaxed so this can reduce stress too. On the other hand, behind those all benefits, is it safe? This kind of therapy actually cannot completely restore the back pain completely. It can be spelled out if this is not necessarily safe for everyone. Why? By hanging people upside down, the head-down position may be risky for people with high blood pressure, heart disease, and glaucoma.

So, for that reasons, they should not be advised to try the therapy. Always consult to a doctor first before trying the therapy. It is because there are other medical conditions which are also not recommended to try it like hernia, a detached retina, eye infection, osteoporosis, spinal injury, and others.

Do Inversion Tables Work for Lower Back Pain? Is it Safe for Everyone?