Engineered Wood Beam Span Tables – What Are They?

When you are making furniture especially woody furniture, you need to have a very detailed examination of each component including joint sizes or structural supports. To be able to do that you will need a tool to help you decide the sizes. Here come the span tables. You can use span tables for sizing many structural supports including wood beam. So, what are engineered wood beam span tables?

First, you need to know about wood beam. It is a type of structural support made from wood. It is commonly used for wood frame structures. There are two types of wood beam, the sawn wood and the engineered wood. Sawn wood are natural wood, fresh from nature, modified minimally by trimming. Engineered wood are made from scratch. A combination of many kinds of wood powder are glued together to form layers that are stacked and glued together to form the beam.

Engineered wood beam span tables use is particularly for finding the right size of the wood beam in particular the engineered wood beam that we need for structural support. It may be difficult for some people to make sense of the table but it is all in there, you just have to see it without even counting anything so it’s pretty simple.

In conclusion, a wood beam is a structural support. Engineered wood beam is a kind of wood beam that are particularly made from scratch. Span tables are tables used to determine the exact measurement for joint or structural support like the wood beam. So, Engineered wood beam span tables are used to determine the exact size of any engineered wood beam with ease.

Engineered Wood Beam Span Tables – What Are They?