Expanded Metal Grating Load Table – Finding the Best Grating

Expanded metal grating load table – Expanded metal grating becomes the choice of many people in common because it is practical and economical as well as guaranteed when it comes to strength and safety features. It can be installed quickly by welding or bolting. It can be used as in on plant runways, catwalks, working platforms, and others. The table itself contains grating’s bearing bar sizes and associated load including bending characteristics.

For bending size, it is usually no more than 1/4 inch because if it is more than that, it could be uncomfortable to use while walking on it. To find the specific bar grating that fits the required load, that is when the load tables play an important role. For your information, there are two types of load in common which are uniform and concentrated. The uniform load is more suitable for pedestrian traffic or multiple containers stacked.

It is applied across the full width and span of the grating. Meanwhile, the concentrated load is applied at a point on the grating as in equipment with legs or single stack container. In addition to types of load, people also need to know other things or information such as grating type, grating material, clear span, and maximum load that is desired.

Moreover, expanded metal grating also has several distinctive styles to choose including standard flow expanded metal grating and reverse flow expanded metal catwalk grating. For more info about the style, clear span, et cetera.

Expanded Metal Grating Load Table – Finding the Best Grating