Full Kitchen Remodel Cost – How Much Does it Cost for Full Kitchen Remodel?

Kitchen functions as the heart of your home. Where you prepare foods for your lovely family and where all the family members gather together. If you and family decide to break the monotone view every day, you can start remodeling your kitchen. The first step to remodel kitchen is planning. You may start to consider about the full kitchen remodel cost.

Basically, the project cost to remodel full kitchen is varied. It depends on your kitchen size. In average, people spend $21.609 for remodeling full kitchen. However, you may find a less expensive project including wall painting, cabinets, sink, and backsplash tile in $10.000 – $15.000.

If you have estimated budget for $15.000 to $30.000, just count on the professional to do the work. This will include refinishing, wall painting and ceiling, lighting and rewiring electrical works. So, where all the money go? First, you will spend approximately $400 – $ 3.500 for plans. After that, you need permit that costs $900 and $400 for dust control. The demolition needs $2.000 and plumbing is $3.000-$6.000.

The electrical work will cost about $2.500 to $4.800. After that, the heat vents require $900 to $1.800. Meanwhile the drywall costs $2.500. The trim work is about $1.200 to $3.500. The flooring process requires from $1.000 to $5.000. The cabinets cost $5.000 – $14.000. It is quite expensive for cabinets upgrading. Do not forget the appliances which cost $2.500 to $9.000. The hardware and countertops cost about $1.000 up to $5.000. Finally, the paint costs approximately from $1.000 to $2.500. If we sum up, the total cost for full kitchen remodel is almost over $38.000.

Full Kitchen Remodel Cost – How Much Does it Cost for Full Kitchen Remodel?