Galley Kitchen Remodel Before and After Designs

For those who would prefer to live in a minimalistic way like in an apartment or a mini house, you will most likely have the galley typed kitchen. It is named for a kitchen style that mimics the narrow kitchen generally found on ships. It saves up a lot of space and yet it is still functional to use. So, most people are currently looking for galley kitchen remodel before and after designs for their own galley kitchen.

Before, you might have the cramped quarter type of kitchen like the Brooklyn kitchen that could only fit a single person. To have some more space, the after effect of the remodeling will have a peninsula with overhang for seating. The walls that separate the kitchen and the living room are removed to allow more space for seating area for the kitchen.

Before remodeling, you might also have the kind of colorless cooking space type of kitchen. The typical kitchen in Lexington home is all white but has the aura of darkness like bleak, out-dated, and sad-looking. After the remodeling, it becomes more warm and open by adding an island as well as brown woody coloration and removing the walls.

In conclusion, if you are interested in living on a minimal space living area, a galley kitchen is a great option for you to choose. However, the typical galley kitchen can be boring and outdated before remodeling. After applying a particular remodeling design, you would get a better galley kitchen for your minimalistic living area.

Galley Kitchen Remodel Before and After Designs