Getting to Know Curtain Rod Width Standards

Have you ever known about the right curtain rod width standards? Whenever you are buying a new curtain, it is obvious that you would also have to consider the rod. Unfortunately, buying a new curtain does not always come with the rods. You will have to choose and measure everything to suit the rod with the curtain by your own self.

Many people are confused about how they are supposed to measure their curtain rod width. They think that it is better to measure it with the same width of the curtains. We would like to tell you that having your curtain rod in the same width as your curtain would only stretch your curtain. It is wiser to measure the curtain rod width with the window instead. If you are getting a curtain rod, make sure that the width is 5 inches longer on each side.

Not only that you have to measure your curtain rod with the window, it is also important to measure the rod diameter with the hole on your curtain. Many people decided to have their curtain rod’s diameter exactly the same as the diameter of the curtains holes and they were only finding difficulties on getting the rod through the curtain hole. To prevent that, make sure that the rod is at least ¼ smaller compared to the diameter of the curtain hole.

Getting the right curtain rod is very necessary and important for the sake of your curtain and window. As many curtain rods are required to be attached on the walls permanently, make sure that you are getting the standard width and diameter so you do not have to change the curtain rods whenever you are changing your curtains.

Getting to Know Curtain Rod Width Standards