Honesty Hour: Do Blackout Curtains Block Sound?

Do blackout curtains block sound? When it comes to blocking sound from coming into or out of your room, many people choose curtains to reduce noises. Some of them decided to choose blackout curtains, which they believe to be effective in blocking sounds. However, would you believe it if we say that blackout curtains cannot actually block sounds?

The original function of blackout curtains is to prevent any light from coming into the room. Usually, it is used by those who have different sleeping schedules or parents with napping kids. Unlike what many people think, blackout curtains do not only come as a black curtain. They are available in a wide range of colors and even patterns. With the thick layer of material, many people use it for soundproof purposes. But can blackout curtains really block sounds?

The density of blackout curtains gives them the capability to reduce noise levels and sometimes, they are used for soundproofing. However, we cannot expect blackout curtains to block noise completely. Do not lose hope. Even though not completely, blackout curtains can reduce noise levels by up to 40 percent and it is a quite significant amount.

40 percent noise reduction definitely can make difference between irritating noise and noise that you barely hear. It might help you in doing your work calmly without having to hear annoying noises. However, if you are the type that has to sleep in a very quiet environment, blackout curtains is not something that you can rely on and, instead, choose an acoustical curtain that is specifically designed to reduce noises.

Honesty Hour: Do Blackout Curtains Block Sound?