Hook on Metal Bed Frame Rails

The hook on metal bed frame rails is incorporated into the design since the rails are designed so that they are used with a footboard and headboard. Hence, when you’re buying the replacement metal bed rails, you will make sure to check the hook as well. The hooks are made from the same material for the bed rails.

The main function of hook on metal bed frame rails is to attach to the footboard and headboard. This way, the bed rails thus can also provide a solid foundation to support your bed. Today’s bed rails are really easy to assemble so you don’t need to worry at all about it.

Aside from the hook on metal bed frame rails, your choice of bed rail should also be made based on the size. Just like when you’re determining the right bed size to choose, always be sure to measure the room and space where the bed will be placed at first.

Aside from metal bed rails with hook, which are often referred to as hook-on rails, there are also bolt-on rails. The difference is the tool used to attach the headboard and footboard. Even so, both are basically serving the same purpose.

Hook on Metal Bed Frame Rails