How Long Is a Banquet Table?

Banquet tables are basically a type of rectangular table which can sit a number of people. They come in various sizes ranging in shape, length, width, and height. The sizes correlate with the number of people they can essentially accommodate. They are usually used in big events such as weddings or dinner parties completed with an exact size of tablecloth to touch up the appearance. So, how long is a banquet table length?

Their most common size is the 8’ x 30’’ table or people usually name it as the 8’ banquet according to its specific length and 30’’ is the standard width.  6’ sized banquet tables are also quite common. People usually prefer to buy the sizes of 8’x36”, 8’x40” and 8’x48” which are great for family typed services.

According to the number of people they can sit, banquet tables can accommodate from 4 up to 10 people. The size of 30×48 can sit 4 people, the size of 30 x 72 can sit 6 people, and the size of 30 x 96 can sit up to 10 people with extra 2 chairs on each end of the table. You can easily convert these sizes into inches.

In conclusion, banquet tables are rectangular shaped table with variety of sizes. The standard measurement in stores usually uses the length of the table in inches and this usually is used to name the tables as well. They can accommodate certain amount of people according to the specific size.

How Long Is a Banquet Table?