How much are Filing Cabinets?

How much are filing cabinets? The answer varies, as there are many kinds of filing cabinets. They are sold in a variety of sizes, materials, and configurations. Those factors become the main background of each price given by the manufacturers .Other than the mentioned factors, the price of an office filing cabinet is determined by the quality of the material, the number of drawers, the dimensions of the cabinet, and the type of locking system.

The basic types of filing cabinets are the lateral filing cabinet and the vertical filing cabinet. Vertical filing cabinet is something that you can imagine as the traditional filing cabinet in offices meanwhile the lateral one is indeed quite rare and they can hold many files. However, lateral cabinets are not as deep as the vertical filing cabinets.

Some filing cabinets also come with extra features. The most famous feature is the water and fire resistant. As the files being kept in the cabinet are considered confidential, everyone wants to make sure that no files can be harmed. However, the ones with the feature cost more and sometimes, the price are significantly higher compared to the others.

A vertical filing cabinets cost $20 to $150 for the two drawers and $250 to $1000 for the five drawers, plus the lateral filing cabinets can cost $150 to $600 or $250 to $1500. Cabinets with extra feature such as water or fire resistant will cost at least $1000 or $15000 in minimum. With those prices, which one would you choose?

How much are Filing Cabinets?