How Much Does a Barber Chair Cost

For a barbershop, barber chair is the most important equipment. The clients spend a majority on these chairs, which is why it is important to have comfortable chairs. Comfort is just one of several things a barbershop needs to attract incoming customer. Other factors are design and style also important as they create visual appeal. Do you want to know how much does a barber chair cost? We have the answer below. Before that, let’s start with barber chair types.

There are 4 types of barber chairs, each with their own uniqueness. The first is the all-purpose barber chairs. These chairs are very common used by many regular barbershops which perform haircuts and shapes. All-purpose barber chairs have comfortable to recline. Next, traditional chairs are also very common. They have hydraulic lifts, headrest and footrest (usually upholstered).

European barber chair is the third type. They have distinct characteristics. That is, heavy, wooden arms. Other than that, they look like traditional barber chairs with detachable footrests and raised headrests. Last but not least, antique barber chairs. These chairs are expensive. They can be amazing decorative pieces for a barbershop.

The price varies very differently. It depends on their materials and features provided. A barber chair can cost as low as $40 (a simple wood chair with no hydraulic pump) to as high as $1,500 and more (professional barber chair with lots of features including high quality upholstery, reclining ability and foot rest).

How Much Does a Barber Chair Cost