How Much does a Gold Toilet Cost?

How much does a gold toilet cost? Golden toilets have become the trends nowadays. Not that people have started to use them, but the talks about golden toilets seem to be very common and golden toilets are no longer something one and only in the world. Some countries have them. The question is how much do they actually cost?

Golden toilets, being the most talked toilets, remain unknown when it comes about the prices. As they are spread around the world, not everyone knows how much each of them would cost you. Even the solid golden toilet in Guggenheim, which allows the citizens to use it, has an unpublished price. However, not all of their prices are hidden.

A toilet in Hongkong has been known as the most expensive among all. This 24 carat gold toilet worth $2.5 million along with a solid gold toilet paper rolls which worth $1.3 million. People may now know this as they only take notes about the prices and the carats of the golden toilet; this toilet was built by the Hang Fung Gold Technology Group in 2001.

If you really want to experience using a golden toilet, you might as well go to Guggenheim. There, a toilet made out of 18 carat solid gold is open for everyone to use. However, you might have to wait for long just to pee. This toilet is designed by Maurizio Cattelan and is named as “America”. Are you interested enough to try the golden toilet?

How Much does a Gold Toilet Cost?