How Much Does a One Bedroom Apartment Cost Per Month in Hectic Cities in the World?

Living abroad will always be challenging. If you decide to go somewhere else, another city, countries, first thing to think about is where you will live. One bed apartment may be the option. Thus, it is important to know how much does a one bedroom apartment cost per month. Thereby, it is important for you to do survey and observe which one is the worth one. We will help you to show how much it costs for a one bedroom apartment in several popular countries.

First is the United States. The data shown by explains that it needs $3600 per month in San Francisco. At the same time, in Washington DC, they pay for $1.940 for one bed apartment and $2.200 in New York.  Those apartments in the U.S mostly have been usually facilitated with dishwashers, washer-dryers, fitness center access, and parking.

Second, we are going to reveal the one bedroom apartment cost in UK. In London, the average cost of one bedroom apartment is from $2.100 to $ 6.000. Meanwhile in Birmingham is about $3.510 for one bedroom. In Manchester, you can find the less expensive average one for one bedroom apartment. It costs only $2.880 for one bedroom.

Third, let’s talk about Asia. It is turn to reveal how much it costs for one bedroom apartment in China. First in Beijing, it requires $1.900 for one bedroom apartment. In Shanghai the rent cost does not have far different, that is $1.910 per month. Meanwhile, in Guangzhou you can find the cheaper one bedroom apartment, which only costs $600 for a month However, the more expensive one is approximately $4.530 each month.

How Much Does a One Bedroom Apartment Cost Per Month in Hectic Cities in the World?