How Much for an Oval Glass Insert for Front Door

Oval Glass Insert for Front Door is the right choice to make the front door of the house look more attractive. Although looks classy and expensive, actually you can get an oval glass at an affordable price. But of course, it’s sold at a higher price if you really want it. Many choices of oval glass insert for front door are ready for you with varying price ranges, as well.

  • Kingston Slim Oval Nickel with HP Frame

Kingston Oval Glass is made of nickel with modern design in slim oval and decorative doorlight. For this nickel frame, it is sold $158.58/each. The dimension is 53.5” height, 13.5” width, 2.25” depth, and 35 Lbs. weight. This oval glass is built in slim and beautiful design due to its proper geometrical line.

  • OTK

The brand name is OTK. This oval glass insert door functions as the decorative and insulated glass with hollow structure. It is constructed by clear glass, stained glass, and tempered glass technics. For color options, it can be customized, based on customer’s orders.  The frame material is from steel. You can afford only with $30 – $80/piece.

  • Aohong

This oval glass functions as decorative insulated glass door oval insert. It is made of stained glass and tempered glass technics with curve and flat shape. The material of the frame is from wooden crate. This product’s sizes can be customized.  This oval glass is gleaming and contemporary style for front door with heat and bump resistance.

How Much for an Oval Glass Insert for Front Door