How Much for Kitchen Remodel: Cost Estimations

Kitchen remodel is considered as one of the most effective things homeowners can do to increase their houses value. This is also true even if you just want to “facelift” your house. The question is, how much for kitchen remodel? Below, we present you with three estimations. The first is for small kitchen remodeling, the second is for mid-range and the third one is for high-end.

Small Kitchen Remodel Cost Estimation, The cost estimation for small kitchen remodel is between $5,000 and $10,000. If you hire a professional and yet want to cut the total cost, you can opt to focus on smaller items. For instance, faucet installation cost only $250 in average, appliances replacement is $471, cabinet repairs is $364 and so on.

Mid-Range Kitchen Remodel Cost Estimation, for mid-range kitchen remodel, you can expect to pay between $12,000 and $20,000. As with small kitchen remodel, you can limit the cost further by finding the materials on your own and helping out the professional you hire. That being said, the remodeling process can be completed without your assistance.

Lastly, high-end kitchen remodel. For this, virtually there is no limit. The moment you go beyond $20,000, your wish list will be endless. High-end kitchen remodel can include things such as automatic lights and/or Bluetooth speakers, custom cabinets, high-end kitchen appliances, lighting and rewiring, etc.

How Much for Kitchen Remodel: Cost Estimations