How Much for Sliding Glass Door– How Much It Cost for Installing a Sliding Glass Door

Sliding door is commonly used as exterior and interior door which most of the area covered by glass. Consequently, it requires high quality level of security, design, and weather sealing. Afterwards, there will be variant types of the sliding doors based on the features, finish, size, glass content, and labor rate. The how much for glass sliding door will be varied, as well.

Sliding door is usually constructed in 6’8” height and 6’-12’ width as its size. For this particular size, the cost will be different based on its material. If the material used in aluminum, it costs $1350/unit which is the less expensive one compared to other materials. If you want to use solid wool as material, it will cost $2000 for 6’ wide – $2320 for 8’ wide. You will require up to $3550 for 12’ wide solid wood material sliding door. Choosing solid wood material will be more stylish-looking even you need higher price than using aluminum.

Primarily, the sliding glass door with metal hardware will cost approximately $100 up to $150. The material used is knotty pine and it has timber and solid wood structure. The size is 84’’ x 38’’ x 11/8’’, you can still ask for customizing size. This sliding glass door can be for wardrobes, cabinets, interior doors, and cupboards usages.

Furthermore, you must consider other addition cost including removal and disposal, professional installer, and taxes. The removal and disposal will spend about $100 to $150 in total. Moreover, for the professional installer needs $372 to $650 each person. If you want to do your DIY installing sliding door it may take a longer time which is 10 hours needed. Meanwhile with pro you need 7 hours. Well, that is all the estimated cost how much the estimated cost need for installing a sliding glass door.

How Much for Sliding Glass Door– How Much It Cost for Installing a Sliding Glass Door