How Tall Is a Bench –Standard Height for Different Types of Bench

Bench is a commonly used seat type. This type of seat is most popularly used because it is comfortable and multifunctional. How tall is a bench? Actually, the height of the bench is determined based on its use. In general, bench can be used for outdoor use, shower bench, or workbench. Each has a varying height standard. However, you are entitled to have the high bench that you need or want. For example you want to add or subtract a bit of the recommended high height is alright.

  • Decks or Outdoor use

The first use of bench is bench for decks or for outdoor use. For this type of bench has an average height of 18 inches to 20 inches.

  • Workbench

High standard workbench is about 33 inches to 36 inches. High workbench depends on the user’s own height. There is a good suggestion to determine the height of this bench. Calculate the distance between the floor and where your wrists Shower and mudroom bench.

  • Shower and mudroom bench

High bench shower and mudroom there are 2 groups, low side and high side. For the low side the recommended height is 16 inches. Meanwhile, for the high side is 18 inches. Actually high bench for shower or mudroom is not much different height your outdoor bench.

How Tall Is a Bench –Standard Height for Different Types of Bench