How to Clean Hard Water Stains off Glass Shower Doors

How to clean hard water stains off glass shower doors? If have a bathroom with separated shower room, having a glass shower door is usually inevitable. As you have a glass shower door, sometimes, you would get hard water stains on them as you have used your shower way too frequently. It might be annoying to see them. Therefore, we have the solution for you.

Hard water stains on glass shower doors are usually caused by the high calcium carbonate content brought by the evaporated water of your shower. As the water leave the glass shower door, the calcium remained there. The calcium left on the glass shower door then started to turn into the hard water stains that annoy your morning shower every day.

Getting the hard water stains off your glass shower doors is not difficult. Just like most of best cleaning ideas, vinegar comes as the solution. All you need is vinegar, spray bottle, and sponge. Fill the spray bottle with a mix of half vinegar and half water. Mix them well and you can use the mixing to spray on the glass doors. After that, use sponge to wipe the hard water stains and rub on them a little.

These steps should help you to remove the hard water stains. To prevent them from getting back, start to wipe your glass shower doors once in awhile or after you take showers before the stains start to come again. It might be quite tiring but it is worth it to not see the stains anymore. How is it? Does our tip help you in cleaning the hard water stains?

How to Clean Hard Water Stains off Glass Shower Doors